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2021 Winter Concert

Recorded on December 13, 2020

Artists of Regina Opera
accompanied by Dmitry Glivinskiy, pianist

Guest artist Julian Villanueva Raheb, solo pianist

Francine Garber-Cohen, Concert Producer

Fantaisie Impromptu - Chopin
Julian Villanueva Raheb

Moonlight Sonata - 3rd Movement - Presto agitato - Beethoven
Julian Villanueva Raheb

Die Lorelei - Clara Schumann
Hyunho Cho - tenor

This melancholy setting of Heinrich Heine’s poem tells the tale of the Loreley, a beautiful siren who sits on a cliff above the Rhine, combing her golden hair and singing. Her beauty and song distract the boatmen, causing them to founder on the rocks below.

Pourqoui me réveiller - Werther - Massenet
Hyunho Cho - tenor

Young Werther, hopelessly in love with the married Charlotte, reads to her a poem by Ossian: “Why awaken me, O breath of Spring? I feel your caresses upon my face, yet very near is the time of storms and sorrows! Tomorrow the voyager will come into the valley, remembering my former glory, and his eyes will vainly seek my splendor. They will find only grief and misery! Alas! Why awaken me, O breath of Spring?”

Spring Waters (Vesennije vody) - Rachmaninoff
Galina Ivannikova - mezzo-soprano

The fields are covered with snow, but the waters are running and waking up the shore. They are announcing that Spring is coming, and the warm days of May will follow.

Voce di donna - La Gioconda - Ponchielli
Galina Ivannikova - mezzo-soprano

After La Cieca is accused of witchcraft, a crowd threatens the old woman’s life. She is rescued by Laura and her husband Duke Alvise. Grateful, La Cieca gives Laura a rosary along with her blessing.

Io l’ho perduta - Don Carlo - Verdi Lindell Carter - tenor

Don Carlos, Crown Prince of Spain, was engaged to Elisabeth de Valois, but learns that she has instead married his own father, King Philip II. Carlos sings of his for Elisabeth and the happy times they had spent together. That love is now lost to him.

Dio! mi potevi scagliar - Otello - Verdi
Lindell Carter - tenor

Otello, having been misled by Iago into believing that his wife is unfaithful, bitterfly reflects that he could have borne any misfortune but that.

Porgi amor - The Marriage of Figaro - Mozart
Lisa Bryce

In her boudoir, the Countess laments her husband’s fading love.

Vissi d’arte - Tosca - Puccini
Lisa Bryce

Scarpia, the Chief of Police, has arrested Tosca’s lover and threatened to kill him unless Tosca pays the price for his freedom - Tosca herself. She now asks God why, after a life of art and love and sincere faith, she is being repaid like this.